pediatric dentistry

Pediatric dentistry in Creve Coeur

Dr. Schuman’s practice provides dental care for children as well as adults.

We recommend that a child begin dentist visits at three years old. We find that many of our youngest patients actually enjoy coming for dental appointments more than many adults!

As a parent, your main responsibility is to instill good dental hygiene habits in your children and maintain a regular schedule of pediatric dentist visits as they grow up. The facts show that children who learn to take care of their teeth at a young age are more likely to have good dental habits as grown-ups.

Why treat your kids teeth?

Pediatric dentistry is a must for a bunch of reasons. Firstly untreated baby teeth can cause infections which can cause, swelling and pain. These infections can cause damage to the unerupted permanent teeth. One of the reasons pediatric dentistry is so important is that dealing with these problems at an early age can prevent other problems when the permanent teeth come in. For example, if a baby tooth is pulled too early, due to infection, then the resulting space can be a cause for orthodontics. Had the teeth been treated by a childrens dentist at the proper time, there might have been no reason at all for the child to have to undergo braces.

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