Sedation Dentistry in Creve Coeur

When a patient is afraid of having their dentistry done, sedation dentistry is an option. A wide range of services are available to both adults and children.sedation dentistry These can include:

  • Bone Grafts
  • Extraction of teeth
  • Removal of impacted teeth including wisdom teeth
  • Surgical procedures to aid orthodontic treatment
  • Treatment of infections
  • Treatment of traumatic injuries to the teeth
  • Dental implants

What is sedation dentistry?

When we undergo dental treatment is is common to be nervous. One of the ways we can help you is by using a number of different medicines to help alleviate your fear. Often times children need some sedation  or drugs to calm them when being treated by a pediatric dentist.

  1. Calming medicines – There are a whole group of drugs that can calm you down. We very often will prescribe such medicines to our patients before treatment in order to relax them. These meds can also relax the muscles of the jaw, making keeping your mouth oven easier.
  2. IV sedation – This is done for us by a doctor. The medicine in given via IV and creates a very deep drowsiness that sort of makes you not really aware of what is going on. You are “not there” when the treatment happens.
  3. General Anesthesia – General anesthesia is done in a hospital setting. You are put to sleep by the doctor and this allows Dr. Schuman to treat your entire mouth in one visit. You feel nothing and remember nothing.

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