This young girl had a nasty altercation with a baseball bat on a Sunday afternoon. These were permanent teeth so needless to say she and her parents were distraught. One half hour later the bonding procedure was completed and three smiles were restored.

This 30 year old teacher was very fair skinned giving her teeth a very dark yellow appearance. Six ceramic veneers were placed of the proper color, dimension and shape. Two appointments were required for this transformation. One year after these photos were taken she requested we do one more veneer on each side to extend her smile farther back.

This 65 year old woman was referred to us by her son-in-law, a dental supply sales representative. She had many existing discolored dental restorations. Because she is blessed with a broad wall to wall smile 28 ceramic crowns and veneers were placed. Total time for this full mouth restoration was 2 months. She remains angry with her son-in-law …that he did not send her to us sooner!

This tooth was lost to a gum infection. A removable appliance was fabricated to replace the tooth. This restoration took 3 weeks.

This patient, a singer, was struck in the mouth fracturing two teeth. They both required root canal treatment and crowns. Rather than restore the patient to his previous condition we thought this was the perfect opportunity to close the gaps and improve his smile by improving 8 teeth. Two weeks were required for this transformation.

This 30 year old professional had many cavities and old failing fillings due to past dental neglect. In 2 weeks time we gave her a smile that befits her position using a combination of 8 crowns and veneers.

Years of smoking stained this 50 year old’s fillings in her front teeth. 8 veneers and crowns and two weeks restored her beautiful smile. In addition to covering the stains we also gave her back the tooth length she had lost over the years.

This 56 year old woman always dreamed of having a beautiful smile. In two weeks we gave her the required 8 veneers. No recontouring of her natural teeth was required.

This 65 year old man has worn his teeth down nearly half way to the gum line. This gave him a very old appearance which he wanted to correct. 4 veneers and 2 weeks later he looked 20 years younger!

A life time of tobacco use resulted in hopelessly stained and decayed teeth. 10 ceramic crowns were placed and his smile was restored in only 2 weeks.

This professional personal trainer suffered his entire life from crowded and chipped teeth which prevented him from smiling. A combination of 8 ceramic crowns and veneers corrected the problem in only 2 weeks. He is now an advertising model.

This hockey player lost his front tooth in an unfortunate accident (always wear a mouth guard!). A combination of a cemented bridge and veneers not only corrected the problem but was an improvement ove his pre-accident appearance.